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We demonstrated that LXR activation is linked to chemotherapy level of resistance in vitro and in vivo, also to worse individual survival. Ligands and LXRalpha were individual markers of poor prognosis and correlated with P-glycoprotein manifestation. However, in individuals who survived their disease, LXRalpha signaling and P-glycoprotein had been decoupled. A novel is revealed by These data chemotherapy level of resistance system with this poor prognosis subtype of breasts tumor. We conclude that systemic chemotherapy failing in a few TNBC patients can be due to co-opting the LXRalpha:P-glycoprotein axis, a pathway highly targetable by therapies that are used for prevention and treatment of additional illnesses Phenoxodiol already. tests for evaluations between epirubicin treated cells with and without pre-treatment with LXR ligands, or one-way ANOVA after modification for multiple tests when you compare all treatments simultaneously. Evaluation of protein and gene correlations were assessed using Spearmans relationship with linear regression. Significance…

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