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To this final end, rat blended hippocampal cultures were preincubated with 6BIO to contact with Tat prior. against Tat induced neurotoxicity. a number of substances have been proven to inhibit HIV-1 replication. A few of these substances have already been described to hinder Tat-TAR relationship specifically. The Novartis substance CGP 40336A was referred to to selectively bind towards the AU bottom set above the trinucleotide bulge with extra stacking interactions towards the bulge (Hamy et al., 1998). The multicyclic dyes, Hoechst 33258, DAPI and berenil bind towards the cavity developed with the trinucleotide bulge (Bailly et al., 1996; Dassonneville et al., 1997; Sigurdsson and Edwards, 2002; Mestre et al., 1999). Neomycin binds towards ISRIB the minimal groove of the low helix, whereas argininamide was discovered to bind towards the U23-A27-U38 bottom triple (Aboul-ela et al., 1995; Brodsky et al., 1998; Williamson and Brodsky, 1997; Faber et al., 2000; Nifosi et…

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