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[PMC free article] [PubMed] [Google Scholar] 45. NB patients. on chronic lymphocytic leukemia and resulted in severe cytotoxicities to normal tissue [30]. And despite proteasome inhibitors being highly active, resistance is commonly observed [31, 32]. Therefore, novel therapeutic brokers with improved efficacy need to be developed. Carfilzomib (CFZ) is usually a novel proteasome inhibitor that has already been approved by the FDA for treating the relapsed and refractory multiple myeloma in July of 2012 [33C36]. Prior studies exhibited that CFZ irreversibly inhibits 26S proteasome activity and efficiently stabilize IB by inhibiting its degradation, subsequently inhibiting NF-B activation and inducing apoptosis pathway [37C39]. In addition, CFZ activated the users of MAPK family, including the stress-activated kinases p38, JNK, and ERK1/2 in leukemia/lymphoma, lung malignancy [40], etc. Herein, we evaluate the cytotoxic effects of CFZ on NB cells. Our results demonstrate that CFZ induced apoptosis and enhanced doxorubicin (Dox)-induced apoptosis through inhibiting…

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